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Name: Scott Payne
Store: Belconnen (canberra NSW) 2004 - current

Scott continued in his father's footsteps as a The Athlete's Foot franchisee as it allowed him to also harness his passion for sport and shoe technologies as well as his overall business passion of making every customer happy.

Why The Athlete's Foot?

I know the industry - Dad owned the business and I love running long distance and marathons. Before becoming a Franchisee, I studied Accounting at the Canberra Institute of Technology. I embraced the opportunity to take over Belconnen, and it was the new chapter in this stage of my life.

What's the culture like at The Athlete's Foot?

When I look at the group collectively, it's about the feeling that we are all in it together. The store culture is relaxed and fun - The Athlete's Foot franchisees work in store with customers, so they understand the business on a detailed level - and they are passionate about it.

How do you learn and stay up to speed with the latest products and shoe technologies?

I pick the brains of every supplier sales rep that comes into my store. I'm very passionate about sport, so when I'm not in store, I spend time researching and reading various articles and keep on top of what's happening outside The Athlete's Foot and Australia - that's important as a business owner.

How has The Athlete's Foot franchisee experience changed your life?

The profit has been beyound my expectations - the hard work has allowed me to renovate my house and have a family - and most importantly, have flexibility on the family side. My wife doesn't need to work full time.

Surely you have to be an elite athlete to be a franchisee to sell shoes, right?

Well.. if it drives your passion further why not! But no, you don't need to be an athlete to make your The Athlete's Foot business a sucess. You just need to be passionate.


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